Francesco Cerrato was born in Asti in 1982 and began studying violin with Lee Robert Mosca at the Suzuki Talent Center in Turin at the age of 4 years. Since his childhood he has been the protagonist of television and theater shows for RAI (Italian Broadcasting Company), Mediaset and Smith-Hemion Productions (USA). After graduating at age 17, he continued his violin studies with Pavel Vernikov. Cerrato has won numerous international competitions during the first phase of his concert career and has participated in more than 400 concerts in Europe, Russia, Africa, Brazil, the United States, Korea and Japan.

In 2012 he founded the research group on ancient music Armoniosa with which he has an intense concert and record activity throughout Europe. The international press hailed the performance of Armoniosa’s first record production for the German label MDG – Dabringhaus und Grimm as “A fresh breeze from Italy”, the British magazine GRAMOPHONE wrote “An impressive debut”, while the same Cerrato has been described as “an authentic violin ace”.

Since his earliest childhood Cerrato has cultivated highly eclectic artistic capacities and interests that have led to musical experiences and encounters with personalities such as Roger Moore, Audrey Hepburn, Al Jarreau, Carla Fracci. He has worked in various artistic fields with Reinhard Goebel, Pavel Vernikov, Giuliano Carmignola, Mario Brunello, Fabio Vacchi, Azio Corghi, Elena Zaremba, Luca Ronconi, Daniele Di Bonaventura, Javier Girotto, Rita Marcotulli, Giampaolo Bandini and Cesare Chiacchiaretta.

Encouraged by the great musician Arturo Sacchetti to express himself in the compositional medium ever since his youth, Cerrato has written numerous works and arrangements for chamber ensemble and for orchestra, some of which have been expressly dedicated to young interpreters. He won the first prize at the “Mario Nascimbene Award 2016” an Italian International Competition for the Composition of Film Music.

In 2008 Cerrato and his brother Stefano established the music production studio RedDress based in Italy.

In 2014 he participate as a composer for a children song compilation published by SONY-BMG. From 2015 he works for MagnoliaTV on the production of music for leading television shows and series like “MasterChef”, “Pechino Express”, “L’Isola dei Famosi”, “X-Factor” and others. In addition he collaborate with the Musical Garden Association and his arrangements and children songs are now translated in sixth languages all over Europe. He also collaborate as a soundtrack composer for the 78 episodes of the Italian TV series “Maggie & Bianca – Fashion Friends”, produced by Rainbow s.r.l. and distributed by Nickelodeon all over the world.

In spring 2016 it released Modular Landscapes, his first experimental underscore album for the Hollywood based company Trax4Pro. Has also signed contracts with the American company Songs To Your Eyes Ltd., with the legendary major EMI – KPM and starting to compose new albums of production music for their libraries.

Starting the 2018 he wrote the music trailer of City Game Studio for an indie videogame company from Montréal (Canada) called Binogure Studio and the crowdfunding video trailer for the independent movie project Larvae directed by Alessandro Rota.

From 2018 REDDRESS is formed in society and Francesco, his brother Stefano and collaborator Marco Demaria, found an independent record label with a European team located between Salzburg and Munich. The new production reality operates in the international field of classical music and is distributed on physical supports (CD, LP) and in digital throughout the world by Sony Music, Naxos and Believe Digital.

In 2019 he composes and orchestrates a new album for Songs To Your Eyes Circle Of Love, directing the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra-SIF309 in the main Bulgarian radio studios in Sofia. From March 2019 he joined the roster of composers of the US/Canada record label X-IT MUSIC.

His song “On The Unicorn” from the last album produced by Machiavelli Music is nominated for the “Best Contemporary Classical Production Music Track” at the Production Music Awards 2019.

On October 2019 he is invited by the promising young actor and director Cush Berlyn to join the new UK based film company Peculiarii Films with the role of Head of Music & Composition department. He work on the post-production audio, compose the ident music for the company, the trailer music and the Main Theme of the first episode of the Amazon series Trust, Premiered in a sold out Everyman Cinema in London on 17th December 2019.

On February 2020 he was again in studio for the EMI recording session for the album Blockbusters II, performed by 61-piece symphony orchestra in Budapest.
From November 2020 he will work on the soundtrack for the second and third episode of the Amazon series Trust coming on 2020/2021 on Amazon Prime Video. He is also involved in the Italian drama/horror short film production Larvae as a composer and co-producer with the talented director Alessandro Rota, coming on 2021.
From the summer of 2020, he signed a contract with the brand new L.A. based trailer music company Industry Music and currently he is working on several different production music albums for EMI, Machiavelli Music and Industry Music.