Trailer placement

Stoked to be part of this upcoming film campaign (Universal Pictures) with multiple live cello sound design elements from the Deconstruction - Live Cello FX album made by me and my brother Stefano for Songs To Your Eyes Ltd.

Check out the trailer:

SIF 309 Recording Session - January 2019

Coming back from a wonderful recording session in Sofia with the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra for a new project for Songs To Your Eyes Ltd. A British style trailer album composed, orchestrated and conducted by me and produced by Opher Yisraeli. The release is coming soon!

Deconstruction - Live Cello Sfx

A new great experience with the company Songs To Your Eyes Ltd.  for the label Demented Sound Mafia! A sound design album made by me, my brother Stefano and produced by Opher Yisraeli. More than 150 tracks of drones, risers, impacts played with a real cello and processed specially for horror and sci-fi trailers.

Larvae - Crowdfunding Video

Terrific work! Just finish to compose/mix the music and sfx for the crowdfunding video of a great horror film project by Alessandro Rota: Larvae. Take a look on this and stay tuned for upcoming news! - Click here for the official film project website

City Game Studio - VG Soundtrack

Happy news! I have enjoyed the indie company from Montreal Binogure Studio for compose the trailer soundtrack of their new developing project: City Game Studio. It will be worldwide available on the great distribution platform Steam. Enjoy!

Blockbuster 2

My first contract with the major label EMI-KPM distributed by ADV-Sony Media Group. A big symphonic orchestral themes for movies and TV series produced by Iain Roberton. I can't wait the recording sessions with the live orchestra! A big work of composing and orchestrating in progress... - Coming Autumn 2018

A Night At The Palace

The second adventure with the American company Songs To Your Eyes Ltd. and produced by Opher Yisraeli. Twelve original baroque compositions composed and arranged by myself and performed by the original period instrument ensemble Armoniosa. An extract from the producer's presentation: "Francesco's music is festive, emotional, regal and touches on the various moods of Baroque music that we all love, while finding a way to make it feel fresh and contemporary." Take a listen!

NCIS Los Angeles - Season 8

Two cues from the album "A Merry Classical Christmas" were chosen for the Christmas episode "Tidings We Bring" in the Season 8 of the great American TV serie NCIS Los Angeles produced byCBS Television Studio.

A Merry Classical Christmas

My first production music album for the Hollywood based company Songs To Your Eyes Ltd. I have composed, arranged, and recorded 12 cues over the most famous classical Christmas Carols. Written for 4/6 cellos, piano and percussions and played live by Stefano Cerrato (cellos) and Michele Barchi (piano). Produced by Opher Yisraeli.

Italian Tv Serie

Worked for the Italian production company Rainbow Srl for the teenager tv serie Maggie & Bianca - Fashion Friends produced by Iginio Straffi. I was involved for composing and arranging the soundtrack score for series I and II (52 episodes) with the collaboration of Marco Grasso and the supervision of Maurizio D'Aniello.

Modular Landscapes

My first international production music album for the Hollywood based company Trax4Pro. I have composed, arranged, orchestrating and recorded 20 cues under the production of Giovanni Lodigiani. Written for violins, cellos, piano, organ, percussions, synths and virtual orchestra and played by Stefano CerratoMichele Barchi, Daniele Ferretti, Giulia Marzani, Marco Demaria and me.

Italian Tv Shows

Worked for MagnoliaTV (a Zodiak Media Company) in italian major shows like MasterChef, Hells Kitchen, Pechino Express, L'isola dei famosi and others. I was involved for composing, arranging and orchestrating about 50 cues for the music library with the supervision of Marco Grasso and produced by Charlie Marchino.

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