Evolving Inspiration


Uplifting orchestral scores composed, orchestrated and programmed by Francesco Cerrato. Produced by Pietro Giola for Machiavelli Music and performed by Stefano Cerrato (violoncello solo) and with the participation of Jane Plumbini (voice).

Mysteries & Escapades


“We are always happy when we find a composer who brings something new to the X-It table, and our newest friend Francesco does that with style. We worked closely with him to curate these thirteen family oriented, light, orchestral cues. The idea was to steer away from the darker ‘sturm und drang’ and get back to some old-school orchestral fun!

Mysteries & Escapades is split into 3 sub-categories: Spooky/Horror Comedy (a mixture of Disney/Dreamworks fright with a dash of good Elfman quickness), Family Adventure (some soaring, some chasing but all fun from rambunctious quests to exhilarating adolescent adventures), Sneaky Setups (cats and mice, snooping bungling bunglers; something is amiss in these occasionally cartoony set-ups).”

Circle of Love


“Circle Of Love, the new album composed, orchestrated and conducted by the composer/arranger/violinist Francesco Cerrato is a journey back in time to the English countryside post World War 2. Recorded with the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra-SIF309, solo instrumentalists and female vocalists, the music is inspiring, historic, emotional, royal, elegant, sophisticated, magical and very romantic. An exceptional album that we’re extremely proud to release exclusively on Songs To Your Eyes Ltd.”

Deconstruction – 2


“The next album in our Deconstruction series of trailer tools focuses on using the cello as a sound design instrument. This album was recorded live instructing the player to use the cello in a way that created unique sounding FX. From drones to impacts, trills, distorted noises and rises. Recorded with multiple mics in 24bit-192kHz for extreme high fidelity sound.”

A Night At The Palace


“Songs To Your Eyes is extremely proud to present this majestic original Baroque album “A Night At The Palace”, performed by Armoniosa with original period instruments and composed/arranged by Francesco Cerrato from Asti, Italy. Francesco has composed an album that touches on the various moods of Baroque music that we all love while finding a way to make it feel fresh and contemporary. Available for licensing from Songs To Your Eyes Ltd.”

A Merry Classical Christmas


“Violin Virtuoso Francesco Cerrato brings us new and refreshing arrangements of 12 Christmas classics. Recorded with live violins, Cello, Grand Piano, Percussion and Bells, this release will warm hearts and bring joy and festivity to this Holiday season. Crystal clear mixes with a modern feel make these gems perfect for commercials, trailers, TV shows and other media that wants credible yet refreshing Christmas recordings. Excellent Musicianship…”

Modular Landscapes


“Evocative Filmscore, suspenseful, minimal. From Mysterious, Dark Atmosphere to uneasy, restless strings. Recorded live by award winning players.”